An antique love story

When life can be summarized in eight simple objects


Following are the eight items that were discovered accidently by a group of researchers. With them there were some handwritten pages. These pages are happening to be part of the diaries of the owner of these items. Unfortunately, the owners name is not found but it is assumed that he was a soldier in second world war. These pages represent a dramatic part of his life when he comes back home after the war and finds out his wife is dead, his house is a wreck and only 8 objects are in a relatively good condition.

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The Baggage

Now I wish I was closer to where that grenade exploded. Home is not home anymore. She is not here and I’m left with shattered windows and some objects here and there. I can’t breathe here. I can easily put all my house in this baggage and leave forever. This much has left of this house. As much as a baggage.


The Violin

The violin, has played the symphonies of my heart to my beloved woman. Oh, how many hours have I sat by the river at dawn with the love of my life and played her the songs that were inspired by her eyes. It has the privilege of playing her eyes, now I seat next to river, play the same songs and feel her listening to it with a smile on her pink rose lips.


The Camera

This camera has saved all the beautiful moments that we wanted to keep forever. The seconds of our life that were spend together are captured with this camera. The photos that it took help me survive after her. They help me to believe she will always be with me.

The camera

The bicycle

I don’t like this vehicle that are filling the streets. I prefer my own bicycle. I went biking around the neighborhood today. Nothing has changed much, except most of the houses are burned!

The bike

Her Ring

The ring that was around her delicate finger for years. The ring that I bought her the first time she looked at me. I was a young boy who was in love and completely out of his mind, I bought her that ring even though we hadn’t even talked to each other yet but at the bottom of my heart I knew. I knew one day I can conquer her heart just as she conquered mine.

The ring

The Boat

I was 19 and in love. Her dad would not let us see each other for long before marriage. When I was not around her I would think about her the whole day and go crazy. To pass the time I started carpentry. She loved to have boat and travel around the world. I built her this small boat and promised her that one I built her a real boat.

The boat

Her Sawing Machine

Her sawing machine still works. She used to complain that it wasn’t as fast as it’s supposed to be and could break down any second. Life is an unfaithful nasty cycle. She is not here anymore and her sawing machine still work.

The saw

Her eyes

She is still here, looking at me with those dazzling eyes. I have a picture of her in my coat packet. She gave it to me one of those hard days that his father had forbid her from seeing me. She told me:"Incase you missed me!". I said: "I miss you already.".



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